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Join us for our Pen Y Fan Challenge to raise money for a Defibrillator for the gym and community.
Pen Y Fan stands at 2906 Feet tall.
From 27th February we will be completing 1 rep of exercise for every foot, 100 reps per day for 28 days with the final set being 106 reps at the summit of Pen Y Fan.
20 squats, 20 press ups, 20 burpees or star jumps, 20 lunges, 20 mountain climbers

22 March, Pen Y Fan, Brecon Beacons, Time TBC
£10.00 donation or sponsorship. All proceeds will go 100% to the purchase and training of the Defibrillator. Your bit that could save someone’s life includes a FREE Tech Tee-Shirt. RSVP through social media, or at the gym with name and T-shirt size.


                   Tag us in your videos and posts of your daily challenge, or complete them with us                          after training classes
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